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CCNA Complete Guide 2nd Edition

CCNA Complete Guide 2nd Edition covers the syllabus of the latest CCNA 640-802 Exam. Written with the mindset to become the best CCNA self-study guide ever, it contains all the theory and practical knowledge that an accomplished CCNA must obtain to ace both the CCNA exam and the challenging real-life working environments.


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TrainSignal - CBT training for Networking Professional Lab 02 : File Servers

Learn the difference between hardware RAID and software Raid. Divide your hard drives into the right number of partitions and size them to fit your needs Configure Network Shares (Shared Folders) and assign permissions for users. Learn the most effective strategies for assigning both Share and NTFS Permissions. Use Permissions to lock down and create a secure network environment.Learn how DFS ( Distributed File System) can be used to organize network resources and add.Fault Tolerance to your File Servers.
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What the industry is saying about Cisco’s Unified Computing System

Since we announced our Unified Computing System in March (B-Series shown here), our data center strategy has hardly been out of the headlines, but this week saw Cisco UCS reach another important milestone.

As TechTarget and others reported, UCS is starting to get into the hands of a wider group of Cisco partners via distributors such as Comstor and Tech Data.

And just as partners prepare to take delivery of those systems, the media is getting its first look under the hood too.

Today, InfoWorld reviewer Paul Venezia published his take on the system. We certainly appreciate Paul’s headline (”How Cisco UCS reinvents the Data Center”) but what he goes on to say is even more interesting.

“Encapsulating Cisco’s Unified Computing System into a few paragraphs is a daunting challenge.” says Venezia. “Cisco UCS is quite unlike any other computing platform on the market today, and while there are certainly parallels to existing models, UCS carves a new path through the woods of IT.”

Venezia’s review comes just a few weeks after eWEEK reviewer, Cameron Sturdevant, became the first reporter in the world to get up-close and personal with UCS. Sturdevant urged eWEEK readers: “For IT managers who must pay attention to both virtual and physicalresources, the Cisco UCS system is well worth considering. The top-notch hardware components are well-integrated with each other and effectively managed with the Cisco UCS Manager software.”

So, still early days of UCS, but as these reviews and last week’s Virtual Environment Computing coalition announcement with EMC, VMware and Intel indicate, we continue to have high hopes for the system.


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Internet : The time killing technology

Here the phrase "Time Killing" means - wasting hours and hours in front of the computer(doing internet) without any logical purpose or in other terms unnecessary without any work. It is true that internet has unlimited advantages- it is a hub of learning,excellent knowledge sharing tool,etc. But the question is how many of us will actually use this and for how much time compared to the total time spent on internet? The most popular online activities on which the people will try their hands on are - chatting,watching videos on you tube, browsing porn sites or playing all kind of online games. Apart of making a person's mind exhaustive all these activities will also make a his day too short that there will not be much time left to spend even for himself.