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Kaspersky is always one of the best security application suites since the day I knew computer and threats from malware. Since 2007, I used to Kaspersky to protect my online activities from being hijack, stealing confidential information and so on. Recently, this renowned vendor has released its newest products: the 2012 version of Kaspersky. Here I want to do a brief review of this awesome product and bring you a small tips regarding activation this application using a  Kaspersky key file instead of activation code.

Kaspersky key

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 as well is still in beta phrase but from now onwards, you can start using this application with new interface and a range of new useful features in which are Windows Sidebar gadget, Task manager. However, in general, KIS 2012 has the same core features in the previous one such as Scan, Virtual Keyboard, Application Activity, Safe Run for Applications, Network Monitor, Digital Identity Protection,kaspersky key, Parental Control, Safe Run for Applications Websites.

I have tried to test span of scanning time on KIS 2012 beta. The result is definitely better than KIS 2011. It takes 34 minutes to scan a hard disk 47 GB (26.5 GB in usage) and takes 75.7 MB of RAM.

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