Trojan virus

The most important difference between a trojan virus/   trojan horse and a virus is that trojans don’t spread themselves. Trojan horses disguise themselves as valuable and useful software available for download on the internet. Most people are fooled by this ploy and end up dowloading the virus disguised as some other application. The name comes from the mythical "Trojan Horse" that the Ancient Greeks set upon the city of Troy.

Subnet Masks

A subnet mask allows you to identify which part of an IP address is reserved for the network, and which part is available for host use. If you look at the IP address alone, especially now with classless inter-domain routing, you can’t tell which part of the address is which. Adding the subnet mask, or netmask, gives you all the information you need to calculate network and host portions of the address with ease. In summary, knowing the subnet mask can allow you to easily calculate whether IP addresses are on the same subnet, or not.

9 Steps to Protect your MS Windows System from Viruses

Nowadays as the Internet and other networks are greatly developed computer viruses are distributed rapidly and intensively. Everyday several new viruses capable to damage considerably your computer system arise. Anti-virus specialists work hardly to make updates their software against new viruses as soon as possible. The viruses can get inside computer in different ways. That is why there is no simple method to protect system. Only series of measures can give you reliable protection from the infection. Below are 9 steps to protect MS Windows based PC system from viruses.