Google’s reliability is sometimes unpredictable. Bloggers report being banned from Adsense with no recourse or explanation. Google+ members who lie about their names or ages are reportedly banned from all Google account use, leaving them with no access to their contact lists, Picasa photos or Google Voice files.


As with all other data, backing up your Google account data is a good idea. You simply never know when or if you will lose access to your accounts, either through Google’s fault or your own. Google Takeout can back up most of your vital data.

From the Google Takeout page, enter your username and password, then click Sign in.

The first page that loads is a list of all available data for you to download. If you want to download all of your data in one zip file, click the Create Archive button.

Besides this all-in-one backup package, you can also download data from individual services. Click Choose services at the top of teh page, then select the services with data you want to archive. Click Create Archive when finished.

A progress bar appears on the page to show how big the archive files are for each of your services and their archival progress.

When the files are ready to download, a download link appears beneath the progress bars. This link is only good for a few days, so download the archive quickly. You will be prompted for your Google password one more time before you are allowed to download the file.

Once downloaded, you can open the zip file and view your data. You can also import data, like your contacts, into other software and services.

Google Takeout works very well as a way to create a backup of most of your Google data. However, it does not backup Gmail. There are other services that do backup Gmail, but it would be nice to have that archive in the same place with all of our other Google data. Otherwise, Google Takeout works quickly and leaves us with a feeling of comfort that if we are locked out of Google tomorrow, at least we will have our contacts’ info and +1 records firmly intact.

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