Septerra Core - Legacy of the Creator | 529 Mb

Septerra Core is a futuristic fable set on a world of 7 continents that float, one above the other, around a central living computer core. You'll play the part of Maya, a young Junk Scavenger who lives on the second layer of Septerra Core, where inhabitants dwell among the trash discarded by the inhabitants of the level above them. Picking a team of three characters from the game's nine, you'll set out on a quest to unlock the secrets of this bizarre and complex world.
Minimum Requirements:
* Win95/98
* P200 MMX
* 32MB RAM

Recommended Requirements:
* Pentium 233 MHz
* 8x CD-ROM drive
* 150 MB hard-disk space

Genre: RPG
Publisher: Monolith Productions
Developer: Valkyrie Studios
Release Date: November 01, 1999
Exclusively on: PC

1. Unrar
2. Mount or Burn ISO
3. Install
4. Play



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