1. Search engine of  url bar

When you type a keyword or any phrase in Firefox url bar, Firefox will search the item in website which is set in it settings.

By default Firefox Google is default search engine to find the result but may be you want to change the Google to any other or by installing any software it is change to any other search engine and you not like it, and want to use Google again.


Well there is no option in Firefox options to change your url bar search engine, for this you will change it by yourself, little bit hard work needed for this, you will change it from Firefox settings, It is not much complicated. These are very simple steps and I am explaining it in much easy way. I hope you will find it simple too.

1. First of all type “about:config” in url bar and press enter

2. You will prompted a warning type screen to that will says “I’ll be care full, I promise!” press this button to proceed.

3. Now you will have a large number of list, at the top you will see Filter bar, type “Keyword.Url” in it. Show in image below

4.Now double click on the Keywod.Url row from the list, You will get a popup like below in image

5. Now to changing exiting one or adding new one is little bit tricky part. Remember when you open it first time it will be empty, and you can add any new.

Now you will enter url of your desired search engine which you choose to use further, but not simple url. You will enter it search url

If you don’t know what search url your search engine is uses, just go to that url like https://www.google.com and search anything you will get a long string of your search url in the url bar. Like I have


But you will only pick the starting part of it up to q like


enter in Keyword and press OK, that it

also these are some example




Aliexpress WW

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