In this tutorial i will show you how to Dual Boot Windows Developer Preview with Windows 7 without using any DVD or USB Thumb Drive. First we will make an image of Windows 7 (for making image of Windows 7 I am using Macrium Relect because it’s free and easy but you can also use any other disk imaging software). Then we will restore the image to other partition, then we will edit the boot menu. For editing boot menu, I am using EasyBCD.

You will need to download:
Windows Developer Preview Image (.iso)
Macrium Relect

Part 1 – Creating a Backup image of Windows 7:
1) Open Macrium Relect and select Backup menu and click ‘Create Image’ then click Next.
2) Now checked the Windows 7 Partition and Click Next.
3) Select the folder where you want to save the image from Local Hard Disk, then click Next.
4) Macrium Relect will show you the Imaging Summary and other Details. Now click Finish and Macrium Relect will start imaging the Windows 7 Parition.

Part 2 – Restoring the Backup image:
1) Open Macrium Relect and select Restore menu and click ‘Restore Image’.
2) Click Next, then select the location where you save Image file of Windows 7, then click next.
3) Select the drive and click next.
4) Select the Partition where you want to install Windows Developer Preview and click next.
5) Select the Primary Partition and click next.
6) Assign the drive letter and click next.
7) Select ‘Now. Do not check at reboot’ and click next.
     Select ‘No Thank You’ and click next.
9) Select ‘Replace from the Master Boot Record (Recommended)’ and click next.
10) Now click Finish, Macrium Relect will restore the Partition from the Image.

Part 3 – Editing Boot Menu:
1) Open EasyBCD and click ‘Add New Entry’.
2) Now select ‘Windows Vista/7? from type menu, enter ‘Microsoft Windows 7 Temp’ in the name field and select the drive where you save the Windows 7 backup image, then click Add Entry.
3) Now Click ‘Edit Boot Menu Button, then click ‘Save Settings’ and Restart your PC.

Now you should see ‘Microsoft Windows 7 Temp’ in the boot menu. Select ‘Microsoft Windows 7 Temp’ from the boot menu and press enter. Now you are using clone version of your Windows 7. Run Windows Developer Preview setup. When you run Windows Developer Preview setup, it will update this clone version of Windows 7 to Windows Developer Preview. After installation, when you start your PC, Windows Developer Preview will give you an option to start Windows Developer Preview or Windows 7.

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