Google today announced in it’s blog that they have added many new features to Google Plus and Google Plus now open for Public Signup. Anyone can signups for Google Plus. They also announced that they are renaming Huddle to Messenger.

Google Added following new features to Google Plus:
* Users in the US and India can now post to Google+, receive notifications, and respond to group messages via SMS (with more countries on the way).
* To add someone in your circles to a conversation (or simply get their attention), you can now +[their name] inside a post or comment.
* When you read a great comment in the Stream, you can now +1 it directly from your iOS device (with Android coming soon).
* You can now put your best face forward, from where you happen to be. Just visit your profile, click edit, and you can choose or take a new picture.
* Some notifications may be more important than others, especially when you’re on the go. Now you can decide which ones you see (or not) on your phone.
* If you’re taking lots of photos, or installing lots of apps, then internal storage can sometimes shrink. That’s why you can now move the Google+ app to SD storage on Android devices.

To see complete list of new features checkout posts.

Download Google Plus app for AndroidiOS and Mobile Web.

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