Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. announced today on the Official Google Mobile Blog that its Google Goggles application has been revamped with a few new features. For instance, the application is now able to easily read barcodes and QR codes on Android. The application quickly brings up reviews and other relevant information such as price and availability about a certain product without pressing a button.

In addition, Google Goggles is now able to recognize print ads in magazines and newspapers. Once an ad is photographed using the application, relevant web search results about the certain product will be brought up. However, the most interesting new feature of Google Goggles is its ability to recognize and solve Sudoku puzzles instantly.

The barcode-scanning capability is only available for Android through version 1.3 of Google Goggles, which is now available in the Android Market. Print ads and Sudoku recognition are available for both Android and iOS.

Check out the video demonstration of the new Sudoku feature after the break.
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