Firefox, Google Chrome and Safri Usage increases; Internet Explorer and Opera growth slowed once again.


In July, Internet Explorer usage was 60.74% but by the end of August Internet Explorer usage fall to 60.40%. In January 2010 Internet Explorer usage was 62.12% but now IE usage is 60.40%, It means Internet Explorer overall slipped by 1.72 percent in 8 Months.

By the end of August 2010, there is a very small increase in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome usage. Mozilla Firefox Usage rose from 22.91% to 22.93%. Google Chrome jumped from 7.16% to 7.52%.

Chrome had slipped for the first time in its history, from 7.24% to 7.16% in July, but returned to growth with 7.52 percent of August usage.

Microsoft’s overall usage may have slipped for August, but the company is happy to see IE8 growing at the expense of IE6. Ryan Gavin, senior director of Internet Explorer Business and Marketing, in a blog post said “For August, IE share worldwide decreased 0.34 [percentage points] to 60.40 percent worldwide, but in a world of customer choice, we are pleased that people are continuing to chooseInternet Explorer 8 three times more often than other browsers when they make that move [away from IE6].”

Microsoft is working on IE9 and has released several Platform Preview versions and plans to launch the first IE9 beta on September 15. Firefox, meanwhile, is racing to finish Firefox 4, in beta testing now but still 692 bugs and a few features away from final release. Google is working to release Chrome 6 soon. Let’s see who will succeed in gaining Browser market shares.

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